It is important to know who you are working with, so here is a little info about us.


We believe that small businesses are the life-blood of the economy. More than that, they are the foundation of communities. The jobs created by small businesses provide more than just income to families - they give people a sense of self-worth and the opportunity for people to be part of something bigger than themselves - effectively expanding their family to include the people they work with.

We have many friends that are small business owners - from auto repair shops, to import-export companies to software development. We have seen the things they do well, the things they do ... less well, and the things they struggle with.

Mostly, we have seen the passion and determination that small business owners put into their companies, and the satisfaction they have knowing that they are doing something with a bigger purpose. We often hear how they want to build a stable business as a legacy to pass on to their children, or possibly to sell to an investor to fund their retirement.

Regardless of the reason they started the business, the time and effort they pour into it motivates others to want to be involved, or maybe even to start their own company. Supporting these people and their employees is the reason we started Exsaffa - to make our areas of expertise available to other business owners, so that we can all be a part of each other's success stories.


For over 25 years we have worked in small-to-medium size companies. Our experience is predominantly in IT, but we have also managed almost all aspects of the companies. We ran the IT departments, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Administration, HR and were deeply involved in the Manufacturing and Warehousing functions.

The biggest advantage we found through those years was not just in our ability to understand how all of the departments function, but how best to make them all function well together.

We use IT to simplify and streamline the information flow and enhance various processes. Our philosophy is to use computers for the things that computers do well, and elevate people to make the decisions and grow relationships - leading to increased efficiency on the business side, and increased self-esteem and self-worth for the employees.

Why we do this:

Over the years, we discovered that our passion was to use the knowledge and experience we had accumulated, and help other small businesses become successful (or more successful) by helping them in the areas in which they were struggling.

Nobody is good at everything - we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Part of being successful in business is recognizing (and accepting) our weaker areas, and then finding someone else with corresponding strengths to fill the gap. One of our goals is to help you build processes that are strong, consistent and make your company run more efficiently. The other is to provide you with the IT resources to have a professional website, marketing collateral, and computer/network systems that work.

We are confident in the things we can do. We are equally aware of the things we can't. If we cannot help you, we will let you know immediately so as not to waste your time.

What we won't do:

We believe in "doing what is right".

  • We will not
  • Lie
  • Cheat
  • Steal
  • Break the law
  • ... or do anything else that goes against our morals and ethics.

If your business is involved in any activity that is opposed to our moral code (especially related to "adult" websites, drugs, violence or hate), then we are simply not the company to work with.


Website Fix

"It is such a relief knowing that our WordPress site is now secure! Thank you so much for all you did."

Microsoft Excel

"I don't know how you did it, but thank you so much! I can finally use the Excel lookups without the whole computer hanging for hours at a time. You have the magic touch!"


"The brochure looks amazing in print, and the online flip-book version you made for our website makes it so easy to share with our customers. We will definitely use you for future projects!"