Designed to load fast.

More than half of all websites are viewed on mobile devices (cellphones and tablets). Speed is one of the biggest factors affecting user satisfaction when browsing a website on a mobile device. Most of us have had the frustration of wanting to look something up quickly, and end up waiting as the website takes a long time to load each page. The result is that most people abandon a site that loads slowly, and within seconds they move on to a competitor's website.

We design our websites as "mobile first", so they load fast. Our websites adjust dynamically to the size of the user's screen (called "responsive design") so they look good across all devices - cellphones, tablets and computers.

Modern and Clean designs.

Many companies have websites that are cluttered - there is so much going on that it is difficult to see the real information amongst all the noise. They have sliding banners, blocks of adverts, and a mix of colors all clashing with each other.

We will design a site that looks the way you want. Our starting point is always to make the site as neat, clean and straight-forward as possible so that your customers can easily understand who you are and what you do.

Ecommerce Websites.

If your business is selling products, then an ecommerce website is almost a "must have" in today's world. Everyone wants everything "now". Some people simply don't want to go to a store, some don't want to deal with salespeople, some just like the ease of online shopping and being able to compare products across multiple stores in seconds.

That doesn't mean an ecommerce site is the right answer for all businesses. If you have complex products that require explanations or custom designs, then you need to speak to your customers before they place an order. For all "stock" type items, an ecommerce website is another sales channel that you can leverage to reach customers that wouldn't physically enter your store.

The ecommerce websites we build are designed to be as simple as possible for you to manage. Adding/changing/updating products is easy. You can accept credit-cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. and it is all built into the site.

Ecommerce/Social Media Integration.

If you have spent the time marketing your business on social media, take advantage of those efforts and sell products right where your customers are seeing your posts.

  • Our ecommerce websites integrate with
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

For example: From your Facebook business page, you can easily setup your products in a Facebook Shop. All orders automatically flow from Facebook through the website, making it simple to manage both stores from one place.